Flying in a hot air balloon is an amazing experience, which you 'll remember forever. Ballooning is both serene and thrilling, offering breath taking views and a feeling of freedom which is totally unique.


  • Hotel pick up: Approximately 1 hour before sunrise, we will pick you up from your hotel. Pick up time will be advised in advance.
  • Stand by: Check in and waiting about 20minutes in the office Go to Take off: Pilots choose a different take-off site daily according to the wind direction to ensure we have the maximum flight time and the most interesting flight path.
  • As soon as the site was chosen, we will take you to Take off site.
  • Flight: Pilot try to drift down through the canyons and float high above the topography to view the extraordinary landscape. Enjoy your flight!
  • Landing and Party: After the landing we celebrate with a sparkling wine and you will be presented with a personalized flight certificate and postcards as a memory of the day.

Hire our smaller balloons for a truly memorable flight for 3 to 12 people. Only you and your party in basket make for the most personalized experience possible. Oh, you will have a pilot with you... Our private hot air balloon ride is perfect for anniversaries, special occasions or just as a special memory for you and your guests. In flight, special arrangements can be made upon request (i.e. cake, champagne, pastries).

Please contact us for your private balloon requests, we will be happy to help plan the special day for you.

Please be informed that requested extra services will be charged separately.

Duration: from half 30 min to 2 hours upon your request + depending on weather conditions

Price Range: From 1.250 to 3.000 Euro per balloon (depending on the season & the basket size)

1 hour is not enough to fly? Enjoy the view as much as you want!

We offer you a ballooning experience that lasts 1,5 hours and lifts you up from Cappadocia. You can be involved in setting up the balloon, enjoy a long flight with stunning views of valleys and fairy chimneys and then sip a glass of chilled Champagne on touchdown.

Duration: Minimum 1 hour and 30 minutes

Price Range: 250 Euro p/p (20 Euro cash discount)

Love is truly in the air with Rainbow Balloons!

If you are eager to propose to your loved one and are looking for an especially unique and romantic way to pop the question, what could be better than doing it while aboard hot air balloon ride with Rainbow Balloons? Blue sky and Rainbow Balloons support your forever love. Your fiancé will be the envy of all his/her friends and will be telling the story of how you proposed to him/her whilst floating through the clouds in a hot air balloon for years to come!

We offer the couples open a banner for them during the flight and/or at the landing and we supply special cake & flowers for them.

Ask her/him to marry you. Our "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" banner, and while the balloon flight itself seems to be her/his adventure of a life's time, seeing the question from the air not only makes her/him day, but more so, her/his whole life. Be unique, be special, take her/him up.

Duration: 45-60min.

Price Range: 370 Euro for two passengers

Planning your wedding day? Looking for a way to make your special day that bit more unique and magical?

Helping you plan and coordinate that very special day would be our pleasure. Why not stun your friends and family by making a dramatic exit from your wedding or reception in a hot air balloon? Get married in the Balloon and have guests included!

Wedding in the Sky – Promise your forever love at the top of Sky! The Bride, Groom, and the Priest lift off in the balloon and then the ceremony is conducted while floating peacefully over unique landscape. The newly wedded couple can relax and enjoy the magnificent views whilst reminiscing about their magical day and make a toast to lifelong happiness.

Please contact us for your private balloon requests, we will be happy to offer our services, and help plan the special day for you. Please be informed that requested extra services will be charged separately.

Duration: 1 + hour *depends on wind speed

Price Range: 2.700 Euro per balloon

A Birthday is a very special event in everyone’s life. Make surprise birthday party with Rainbow Balloons!

Birthdays are a time for celebration, fun, balloons, friends, family, champagne and parties…. With our hot air balloon flights, we put the magic into the birthday celebration that will never be forgotten and we take care of the details. A Happy Birthday Banner will be placed on the basket, a gourmet birthday cake is served and shared with all of the passengers, and a slightly off-key crew will even sing the traditional Happy Birthday song.

This is a great gift and party idea for ages 7 and up. It is our pleasure to make a memorable birthday celebration for you and your guests and it is all included in our regular Rates for our shared flight with other passengers. We also offer a Private Flight for birthdays.

Duration: 45-60min.

Price Range: 185 Euro p/p Shared Balloon Flight or 2.700 Euro Private Balloon Flight

The experience of a Hot Air Balloon Flight is the perfect gift for any anniversary celebration.

It is romantic, thoughtful and can either be a Shared or Private Balloon Flight on either of our daily hot air ballooning flights. We will coordinate the details for you and can even help you have the Anniversary Celebration Hot Air Balloon Flight as a Surprise gift if you like. The balloon will have a Happy Anniversary banner. Invite up to 10 guests as you like to share in your hot air balloon flight Anniversary Celebration. That “special someone” in your life will always treasure their unique Anniversary Gift.

Duration: 45-60min.

Price Range: 185 Euro p/p Shared Balloon Flight or 2.700 Euro Private Balloon Flight

Jeep Touring creates a sense of adventure from the first moment!

Come with us on a remarkable, ecotourism adventure which has it all: history, nature, for unobstructed views of the valleys and other cultural highlights all on one trip. Leave the commercial district behind, as you experience rich, natural beauty and discover spectacular views and the excitement of traveling off-road in the unique landscapes of Cappadocia.

Jeeps can accommodate maximum 4 people. Children over 6 years old can also be taken aboard.

Duration: 1,5 to 2 hours

Price Range: 150 Euro per jeep


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Cancellation Terms

Passengers who wish to cancel their reservation will receive a FULL REFUND of their deposit, if they contact RAINBOW BALLOONS at least 2 days prior to their scheduled flight. Cancellations initiated by passengers less than 2 days prior to their scheduled flight, will result in forfeiture of their deposit. The bookings are fully transferable to someone else; please let us know the name and all the necessary information of the replacement person(s) at least 24 hours before the flight.

All cancellations by RAINBOW BALLOONS are based upon safety issues such as wind and weather conditions.

Should the scheduled flight be cancelled due to weather, you will have the option to RESCHEDULE or GET FULL REFUND.

  • We have a very well trained and experienced team of pilots.
  • Our land crew is very qualified on take-off and landings and also on safety regulations.
  • We fly with the finest balloons produced via latest technology.
  • We give detailed safety briefing to our passengers before and during each flight.
  • Our flight process is authorised by DGCA. Wind and weather conditions are evaluated everyday as per DGCA’s flight regulations and adjudication for the flight is made accordingly.
  • You may see the safety instructions card for take-off and landing from here.

    AHMET is chief pilots and conduct us to the best flight with having Teacher license and long experience to fly in Cappadocia. He has been flying balloon for nearly 10 years and he has seen all aspects of balloon flight. Enjoy the flight with Expert of the Balloons!

    Language: Turkish and English


    ARTURO loves to fly by balloons more than anyone. We sometime confuse which he loves more, balloon or his wife? After flying with him, you will be Balloon lover as he is. He shows up every single morning with a huge grin on his face to go fly. This is his passion.

    Language: Spanish, English and Turkish


    BAYRAM is fun! Balloon flight is interesting but you want to have more FUN? Then fly with him. He present you HAPPY time in the sky!

    Language: Turkish, and English


    BEKİR is Big guy and he makes you feel safe more. On the other hand, his flight is very gentle and delicate as same as his character.

    Language: Turkish and English


    FERHAT is a real Entertainer. You can't stop laughing during the flight but please don't forget to enjoy beautiful view from balloon!!

    Language: Turkish and English


    MEHMET is a good father with his gentle character so his flight is just like him, very gentle and calm. Flight would be the most serene time ever in your life!

    Language: Turkish and English


    OKAN has strong mind to fly the best and safe for you. Does he look too serious?... He is actually funny guy.

    Language: Turkish and English


    He is in tourism & ballooning business for more than 10 years now. He made the decision to become a pilot. His life has not been the same since. He has worked his butt off to learn the regulations. He enjoys his flying and sharing it with others. His personality will entertain you and his flight skills will amaze.

    Language: Turkish and English


    Yasin is a perfectionist and we like that in a pilot. Yes he too has been flying balloon for nearly 10 years. Great charm and excellent pilot skills make him a wonderful addition to our pilot staff.

    Language: Turkish and English


    Mustafa is one of our local pilots. He has started his ballooning career since 2009 and worked in every aspect of ballooning such as ground crew, driver & chief of ground crew. He completed training and received his balloon pilot license in 2012. He has maintenance licences of Ultra Magic Balloons. He has logged 500 flight hours in Cappadocia.

    Language: Turkish and English

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